Friday, January 19, 2018

#CoolArt: New Prints by Aaron Horkey & Vanessa Foley from The Vacvvm

New prints from The Vacvvm.
  • 'Venin' by Aaron Horkey. 9" x 15.5" giclee print, with sculpted emboss, in a signed and numbered limited edition of 200 for $120.
  • 'Minnesota Killing Season' by Vanessa Foley. Four 8" x 10" giclee print portfolio with screen printed jacket, in a signed and numbered limited edition of 50 for $150.
On sale Friday January 19 at 2pm CT from The Vacvvm website.

'Venin' by Aaron Horkey
'Minnesota Killing Season' Print Portfolio by Vanessa Foley

#CoolArt: 'Rue' by Audra Auclair

'Rue' by Audra Auclair, a new print release from Rhino Barking Sparrow.

12" x 12" giclée print on 14" x 14" Cold-Press Natural Heavy Fine Art 340gsm paper in a hand numbered TIMED edition for $55.

On sale 9am PT, Friday January 19 until 9pm PT, Sunday January 21 from the Rhino Barking Sparrow website.

#CoolArt: 'The Balance' by Crystal Graziano

'The Balance' by Crystal Graziano, inspired by 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'.

11" x 17" print in an open edition for $20.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'And Then She Was Gone' by Kelsey Beckett

'And Then She Was Gone' by Kelsey Beckett, a print release through Spoke Art.

20" x 16" archival pigment print with hand deckled edges in a signed and numbered Regular edition of 40 for $50, and a gold paint hand embellished edition of 10 for $120.

#CoolArt: 'Why Is The Moon So Sad' by Mimi Yoon

'Why Is The Moon So Sad' by Mimi Yoon.

12" x 24" print on 15" x 27" paper in a signed and stamped open edition for $200, and a 7.5" x 15.5" print on 9" x 17" paper in a signed and stamped open edition for $100.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'Mononoke' & 'Spirited' by Rhys Cooper

'Mononoke' & 'Spirited' by Rhys Cooper, inspired by the films of Studio Ghibli.

12" x 36" 7 colour screen prints, with metallic and glow-in-the-dark inks, on heavy paper stock in signed and numbered AP editions of 150 (less available online) for $50 each or $90 for the set of two.

On sale Monday January 22 at 12pm PT from his website.

'Mononoke' by Rhys Cooper

#ArtOfTheDay: 'The Dark Crystal' by Phantom City Creative

'The Dark Crystal' by Phantom City Creative

Thursday, January 18, 2018

#CoolArt: 'The Batwoman' by Daniel Kamarudin

'The Batwoman' by Daniel Kamarudin, a print release through InkInk Collectibles.

A3 sized metallic print, in a limited edition for $22.

#CoolArt: Infected By Art 6 Award Winners

Winners of the 'Infected By Art 6' Grand Prizes and Certificates of Merit have been announced.

The artwork, selected by a Jury Panel of Vanessa Lemen, Rob Rey, Danijela Krha Purssey and Colin & Kristine Poole, represents some of the best works of imaginative realism being created today by artists who have been in the business for many years as well as many up-and-coming artists.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Winners in each of the categories - Oil / Acrylic / Watercolour, Digital / Photoshop, Pen / Ink / Pencil, Sculpture - plus the Grand Prize and Body of Work winners are below.

Go here to see the selected artworks that will be included in 'Infected by Art' Volume 6.

GRAND PRIZE 1st PLACE: 'The Rise' by Yoann Lossel

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Clash Of The Titans' by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt

'Clash Of The Titans' by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Zavvi Steelbook Bluray Clearance Sale

Zavvi are having a steelbook bluray clearance sale on many of their titles, including some exclusive to Zavvi!

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: Mondo Gallery presents 'Universal Studios Monsters' Group Art Exhibition

Mondo Gallery presents 'Universal Studios Monsters', a group art exhibition featuring new, limited edition screen prints of the Universal Monsters films.

Opening reception is Friday January 19 from 7-10pm CT at Mondo Gallery at 4115 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78751, and the exhibition will be on display until January 27.

by Francesco Francavilla

Book Review: 'Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold' by Stephen Fry

A charming and entertaining retelling of Greek mythological history by Stephen Fry, selecting some of the most well known myths as well as some that aren't. As he states in the forward, Fry is only concerned with telling the stories and not explaining or delving deeper into the truths and insights behind them.

And that's what we get with 'Mythos'. The book begins at, well, the beginning with stories covering the Greek version of the creation myth, followed by the Titans, a young Zeus overthrowing Cronus and going onto establish the pantheon of Olympus, as well as the creation of mankind.

The myths that Fry presents us with tells of cruel, jealous, vengeful and lustful (especially Zeus) gods, especially when they fraternise with mortals, nymphs, satyrs and the rest that populate ancient Greece.

Its a shame that some of the more well known classic 'fan favourite' Greek myths, like Oedipus, the Labours of Herakles, Jason and his Argonauts, Icarus, Odysseus, Perseus and more weren't featured. But what we do have are fascinating, captivating and sometimes hilarious stories, with the love that Stephen Fry has for these myths shining brightly through, his masterful retelling of the stories of gods and mortals making them seem more vivid and alive.

Recommended, especially the audiobook, which is also narrated by Stephen Fry himself!

#CoolArt: New Prints by Kilian Eng From Black Dragon Press

'Twin Bridges' and 'The Water Garden' by Kilian Eng, a new print release from Black Dragon Press.

18" x 24" giclee prints on 310 gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper with the Gallery stamp on the reverse, in signed and numbered limited editions of 40 for £60 each.

On sale Friday January 19 at 5pm UK from the Black Dragon Press website.

'Twin Bridges'
'The Water Garden'

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Black Mirror: San Junipero' by Butcher Billy

'Black Mirror: San Junipero' by Butcher Billy

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

#CoolArt: 'Reverie' by Jenna Kass

'Reverie' by Jenna Kass, for Every Day Original.

8" x 8" pencil and powdered graphite on matted 12" x 12" Strathmore 400 Series Smooth Bristol board original artwork  for $300.

On sale Tuesday January 16 from the Every Day Original website.

#CoolArt: 'Hold Your Breath' by Djamila Knopf

'Hold Your Breath' by Djamila Knopf, inspired by the film 'Spirited Away'.

8.3" x 11.5" giclee print on 308 g/m² Hahnemühle Photo Rag (100% cotton-rag) paper with archival pigment-based ink in a signed and numbered limited edition of 25 for $65.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'Mask Of The Femme' by Dannika Sullivan

'Mask Of The Femme' by Dannika Sullivan, a new print release from Rhino Barking Sparrow.

9" x 12" fine art giclee print on 11" x 14" Cold-Press Natural Heavy Fine Art 340gsm paper in a hand numbered limited edition of 20 for $40.

On sale Tuesday January 16 at 9am PT from the Rhino Barking Sparrow website.

'Forbidden Planet' Limited Edition Steelbook Bluray From Zavvi

'Forbidden Planet' limited edition steelbook bluray exclusive from Zavvi for £15.99.

On sale February 19, and available for pre-order now from the Zavvi website.

#CoolArt: 'E.T.' by Chris Garofalo

'E.T.' by Chris Garofalo.

18" x 24" 4 colour screen print, with glow in the dark ink, on French Paper Co. True White Speckletone stock, in a signed and numbered edition for $40.

Available for pre-order. Go here to buy.

Glow In The Dark layer

Book Review: 'The Red Threads Of Fortune' by JY Yang

'The Red Threads Of Fortune' is the second book in JY Yang's 'Tensorate' fantasy series and continues four years after the events of the first novella, 'The Black Tides Of Heaven' (my review here).

Previously where the first book covered around the first 40 years in the life of twins Akeha and Mokoya, focusing mainly on Akeha in the latter part, here the spotlight is on Mokoya, still in rebellious grief over the events in 'Black Tides'.

Her focus is now on a monster hunt, chasing down a huge Naga, a kind of dragon, through the desert with her pack of giant velociraptors, which is where we join the story. This quest keeps her from truly letting go of her grief, but when she first meets Rider, a mysterious Naga rider also in search of the same Naga as Mokoya, they seem to connect instantly, changing Mokoya's outlook for the better and helping her through her grief.

Much like 'Black Tides', there are themes of gender in society. Mokoya's new companion, Rider, is non binary, although they are also referred to by another character as female, and some of the relationships spoken of in the novella are gender fluid too, all adding extra depth and development to the well written world building.

'Red Threads' also goes into a bit more detail into the magic system in use in this Alt-Asian world, giving more exposition as Rider teaches Mokoya how to manipulate the Slack, allowing her to instantaneously appear anywhere, which certainly becomes useful later on.

It's a more faster paced story, as Mokoya and Rider, as well as Akeha and Thennjay, fight to save the city from the giant Naga, all leading towards an intense finale.

The cover art by Yuko Shimizu is simply gorgeous and it's a great read that benefits from more character development, adding a bit more emotion and depth to this fantasy world. I look forward to reading more in JY Yang's 'Tensorate' series.

#CoolArt: 'Autumn Metamorphosis' by Cynthia Sheppard

'Autumn Metamorphosis' by Cynthia Sheppard.

9" x 12" oil painting on hardboard panel original artwork, in an online auction on Every Day Original until Monday January 22 at 5pm ET.

#CoolArt: 'Spider-Man vs Punisher' by Chris Thornley (aka Raid71)

'Spider-Man vs Punisher' by Chris Thornley (aka Raid71), a new officially licensed Marvel print release from Grey Matter Art.

24" x 36" screen print in a signed and numbered limited edition of 125 for $45.

On sale Thursday January 18 at 1pm ET from the Grey Matter Art website.

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Count Dooku & Asajj Ventress' by Aaron McBride

Cover art by Aaron McBride for 'Star Wars Insider' #88, one of 4 collector covers for a special 'Sith' issue featuring the different Sith Lords, published June 2006.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018

#CoolArt: 'Sarah' by Craig Drake

'Sarah' by Craig Drake, part of his fourth solo art exhibition hosted by Hero Complex Gallery.

24" x 36" screen print in a Regular edition of 400 for $65, and a Variant edition of 86 for $70

Go here to buy.

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

#CoolArt: 'Queens In The South' by Steven Holliday

'Queens In The South' by Steven Holliday, inspired by 'Game Of Thrones'.

20" x 30" 4 colour screen print, on Curious Metallic Super Gold Paper, in a signed and numbered 'Purple Reign' edition of 50 for $50, and a signed and numbered 'Lannister Gold' edition of 50 for $45, and also a signed and numbered 'Targaryen Fire' edition on Curious Metallic Red Lacquer Paper, in a limited edition of 110 for $45.

On sale Sunday January 14 at 2pm CT from his website.

'Purple Reign' Edition
'Lannister Gold' Edition
'Targaryen Fire' Edition

#CoolArt: 'The Shape Of Water' by Jennifer Dionisio

Cover art by Jennifer Dionisio, for the January 2018 issue #73 of 'Little White Lies'.

The Art Of . . . Henry Clive

I've previously showcased a few of my favourite pop culture and vintage pulp artists, and each weekend I showcase art from more of my favourite artists.

The art of Henry Clive.